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THE PROJECT OFFICE "ZD-projekt" HTS Sp. z o.o.performs complex services for numerous branches of business, related to projecting of new and modernisation of already existing buildings, installations and systems as well as of devices used by the metallurgical and machine industry.
Our scope of activity includes also projecting of construction and buildings of public utility, and installations and systems for all branches of business.
Keeping up with the requirements of the market and of the client, the Office has been using and extending computer aiding design techniques for many years now.
Computer aiding design techniques
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Best references of "ZD-projekt" are more than 80 000 performed projects...references

Thanks to the development strategy accepted in 1998, the company entered into cooperation with EU countries...offer
company ZD-Projekt
THE PROJECT OFFICE "ZD-projekt" HTS Sp. z o.o. (an Ltd. Company)   31-752 KRAKÓW   ul. Ujastek 5B
tel. +48 12 644 06 98   fax +48 12 643 72 99   e-mail: biuro@zd-projekt.pl   NIP 678-002-68-62