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company ZD-Projekt
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company ZD-Projekt
  • The company "ZD-projekt", which employs well-qualified professionals with many years of experience, undertakes both designing of new investments, as well as modernisation of already existing facilities of the metallurgical and general industry, the facilities of public utility and installations and systems for all branches of business.

  • The company "ZD-projekt" was created in 1991 as a result of the privatisation of the Project and Construction Department of the T. Sendzimir Steelworks, which existed from 1952.

  • Keeping up with the requirements of the market and of the client, the Office has been using and extending computer aiding design techniques for many years now. The Office employs about 65 people, including 50 engineers and technicians employed directly at projects.

  • The company "ZD-projekt" cooperates with Mittal Steel Poland S.A , companies created as a result of the restructuring of the T. Sendzimir Steelworks S.A. (HUT-PUS, Krakodlew, Metalodlew, Remtech, Stalprodukt, Traks, Zaklad Automatzacji, Zaklad Mechaniczny), other Polish companies (Budostal, Complex, Detrans, Elektromontaz, HPR, Mostostal, Opam) and foreign companies (Danieli, Corus, Dango Dienenthal, Krupp Polysius, Kutner, Thyssen Stal, Voest Alpine), as well as with technical academies (the Mining and Metallurgical Academy and the Kraków Polytechnics).

  • During many years of its activity, the company "ZD-projekt" performed more than 75 000 projects.

  • Thanks to the development strategy accepted in 1998, the company entered into cooperation with EU countries.

  • As a result of this cooperation, ZD-projekt performs and sells its project developments abroad. The value of the export is about 15-20% of annual turnover.

  • The main activity of the Office for more than 50 years has been the realisation of complex technical documentation for many branches of business in all design stages, according to the valid Construction Law for metallurgy, industry and power industry facilities, as well as for buildings of public utility.

  • The quality of the technical documentation prepared by our company is guaranteed by many-years professional experience as well as the Quality System conforming to ISO 9001, introduced in 1999.
company ZD-Projekt
company ZD-Projekt
THE PROJECT OFFICE "ZD-projekt" HTS Sp. z o.o. (an Ltd. Company)   31-752 KRAKÓW   ul. Ujastek 5B
tel. (+48 12) 644 06 98   fax (+48 12 ) 643 72 99   e-mail: biuro@zd-projekt.pl   NIP 678-002-68-62