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company ZD-Projekt

The Laboratory of Building Constructions and Architecture
The Laboratory of Building Constructions and Architecture
  • Land development plans
  • Construction and executive projects of industrial construction and public utility facilities in complete range, including:

    • industry houses and buildings with a complex steel and ferroconcrete construction
    • holiday centres
    • health care buildings
    • canteens and hotels

  • Engineer construction projects, including: :

    • machine and device foundations
    • gas passes, tunnels and passages
    • containers, bunkers and wells
    • support constructions for pipelines and transport machines
    • steel and ferroconcrete chimneys

  • Expertises and evaluations of the technical condition of construction facilities and engineer constructions
  • Projects related to road and rail transport
  • Performing the function of deputy investor, including:

    • preparation of the realisation of investments
    • investment supervision
    • participation in settling of accounts and starting of the investment
Technology and Mechanics Laboratory
Technology and Mechanics Laboratory
  • Projects of machines and metallurgical appliances in the raw material part
  • Projects of rolling mill fittings - also in cooperation with foreign companies
  • Projects of metallurgical processing plant fittings
  • Projects of devices for horizontal and vertical transport (overhead cranes, conveyors along with reception documentation UDT)
  • Projects of all kinds of suspensions, cross-bars and tongs
  • Projects of containers, silos, warehouses and storage areas
  • Projects of devices for the machine industry

The Laboratory of Power Engineering and Water Systems
The Laboratory of Power Engineering and Water Systems
  • Heat distribution, water supply, sewage, gas and compressed air system
  • Central heating, water supply and sewage, and gas systems
  • Air conditioning, dedusting, acoustic protection systems of industrial and municipal plants and facilities
  • Exchanger plants, thermal centres and boiler houses
  • Air compression and treatment stations
  • Pressure constrainers along with reception documentation UDT
  • Ladle, furnace and pipeline linings
  • Thermal and hydraulic calculations
  • Technical gas systems
  • Fire protection of buildings
Typography services
Typography services
  • Photocopying in all formats, from A4 to A0
  • Printouts from Auto CAD in formats from A4 to A0
  • Documentation binding
  • Printing of visiting cards and advertisement stickers
  • Photography prints

The Electrics and Automatics Laboratory
The Electrics and Automatics Laboratory
  • Projects of networks and of systems of electric and heavy current engineering devices
  • Projects of crane drive and operation devices
  • Projects of drive operation in automatics
  • Projects of fire-protection systems
  • Projects of telecommunication engineering systems
  • Projects of railway traffic operation systems
  • Projects of all kinds of electric systems for general and industrial construction facilities, as well as of health care facilities
  • Projects of drive steering and automatics along with computer visualisation and operation
  • Projects of transforming stations up to 110kV
  • Projects of overhead lines up to 6kV
  • Projects of industrial television
company ZD-Projekt
company ZD-Projekt
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