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company ZD-Projekt
80 000 projects performed

During many years of its activity, the company of "ZD-projekt" performed more than 80 000 projects.

The most important projects include:

  • The fuel system of a revolving furnace
  • A charging machine for coke batteries
  • A line for coating pipes with plastics
  • Hydraulic wire tying machine
  • General Overhaul of the Great Furnace No. 5 in the T. Siendzimir Steelworks (along with a pro-ecological dedusting system)
  • A crane machine for Continuous Steel Teeming in the T. Siendzimir Steelworks
  • Crude iron desulphurisation in the T. Siendzimir Steelworks
  • Outside-furnace steel processing in the Converter Steelplant of the T. Siendzimir Steelworks
  • Modernisation of the DL2 sintering plant strand in the T. Siendzimir Steelworks
  • The building of the Lengthwise Cutting Unit in the T. Siendzimir Steelworks
  • The Coal Dust Injection System for the Great Furnaces No. 3 and 5 in the T. Siendzimir Steelworks
  • Modernisation of transportation and crane machines
  • Rotary shearing machine for cutting metal plates into strips
  • Blowing house extension and installation of Sendzimir rolling mill in "Stalprodukt", Bochnia
  • Holiday centres in Zakopane, Raba Nizna, Koninki and Bartkowa
  • Extension of buildings belonging to the Medical Centre in Krakow-Nowa Huta
  • Adaptation of hotel buildings for dwelling purpose
  • A complex of office and warehouse buildings for the "ROLHUT" commercial and service enterprise in Kraków
  • Foundations of pushing furnaces of the Hot Metal Plate Mills in the T. Siendzimir Steelworks
  • Steel chimneys with a chemical lining (6) in the Hot Metal Plate Mills in the T. Siendzimir Steelworks
  • The ammoniate house building of the Coking Plant in the T. Siendzimir Steelworks
  • Railway overpass of the Transportation Enterprise in the T. Siendzimir Steelworks
  • A five-bay room in the Main Building of the company of "Krakodlew" S.A. Krakow
  • A construction project of the demolition of buildings of the Open-Hearth Furnace Plant in the T. Siendzimir Steelworks
  • Modernisation of the room of the water demineralisation station of the Power Plant Complex Ostroleka S.A
  • Reconstruction of the roof and skylights of the engine room of the Power Plant Complex Ostroleka S.A.
  • Gas passes in the Pomorzany Szczecin power plant
  • Reconstruction of the administration building and the canteen of Stalprodukt S.A. Bochnia
performed projects
performed projects
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